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Services Overview

We advise organisations how to achieve their goals through digital means most efficiently. We usually first consult, perform a design sprint and then build a digital product or implement an existing solution.

Setting clear goals

Digital Consulting

Not every organisation needs an app or even a website, we take a 360 look at your business needs and what digital solutions are out there.

Efficient solutions

Quickly understand if your goals can be met with existing solutions or you really do require a custom app.

Business centered

We take a deep dive into your business model to see how to best apply existing solutions or how to implement a custom app.

man standing in front of a blue board with yellow note stickers during a brainstorming session

Testing Ideas

Design Sprints

The design sprint is a methodology invented at Google by Jake Knapp and refined with John Zeratsky and the GV design team. The design sprint has become a core tool for UX design in Silicon Valley to “solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days”.

Goal orientated

Design sprints are all about understanding exactly what issues need to be addressed to achieve your goals.

Testing on real users

At the end of each sprint the solution is tested to quickly understand if we are solving the (right) problem.

design sprint book layed out amongst stationary items

Building a product

Web Development

Our team of backend engineers, frontend developers and UX designers focus on building intuitive webapps. For that we use Ruby on Rails, Tailwind CSS and Javascript with rigorous test driven development and an hybrid approach.
Full transparency

You own the code, you own the IP, you own the servers, and we make sure to clearly document everything so that you have full control of your product.

Product mindset

We aim to build the right product for the right user with focus on great user experiences all while balancing priorities, risks, value and opportunities according to your goals.

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Building a product for China

WeChat Mini-Programs

WeChat Mini Programs are “mini-applications” built within the WeChat platform. They are a great way to deliver unique experiences to a Chinese audience within and outside of China. AR Events, e-commerce, art-galleries, hospitality, restaurants - in China almost every aspect of life happens within the WeChat app. We help you tap into the WeChat ecosystem and stand out by giving your customers a familiar app with a unique experience.

WeChat Ecosystem

The WeChat ecosystem provides many convenient tools such as WeChat pay, maps, user data sharing, and much more.

Fast development

Because WeChat MP's run inside the WeChat app itself, they are lightweight and fast to develop.

Colorful company logos centered around a wechat app symbol

Building cutting edge products

Monetization, Phygital Events, AR/VR, SEO and More (Collaborations)

We take advantage of our network of experts in the fields of social media, monetization, ads, data analysis, AR & VR, SEO, photography and videography to be able ensure your project is a success on every front.

Benefit from our network

We are always on happy to connect you with experts in our network that can help you achieve cutting edge digital experiences.

Well rounded projects

At our core, we care most that your projects succeed, our network allows us to bring on experts in other fields to your project to help with monetization and any other services you might need.

Man wearing a VR headset and holding motion controllers for a VR game

How we work

The core philosophies that define how we work

Creating a new app or other digital product can transform your business. We’re here to help you make that happen in a way that is long term sustainable and efficient.

Quality over speed

We prioritize quality over speed in development for long term success after testing products for market-fit. Good products take time. While UX research, testing, documentation, etc. slow down the development process in the short term, they are essential for overall success of an app in a long run.

Code documentation

When we hand the code over to you we make sure that it is all well documented. This allows new members of a team to quickly pickup on what has been done and makes further development easier even if it happens after a certain amount of time.


It is essential for the business that the app works properly all the time and newly added features do not affect the performance. Therefore we make sure to write tests for the code and run the tests before getting new features live.

Agile-waterfall approach

We create clear product roadmaps and specifications for products while always leaving a gap for changes that allows us to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances quickly.

Transparency & Communication

Transparency and communication are the key to the satisfaction of our partners. We do our best to keep you involved in development process and are always excited to share the details on how it is going. We ensure you always know what's going on.

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