About us

UI/UX design and web development agency

We help organisations fulfill their potential in the most efficient way by finding and implementing the right digital solutions.

Our vision

We believe in great user experiences

Our vision is to bring delight to users worldwide with good user experiences.
We work closely with our clients to identify the business needs, understand their business model and transfer that into apps that provide a unique user experience. This means:

Building the right product for the right user
Creating a product strategy and vision
Focusing on customer delight
Balancing priorities, risks, value and opportunities
Creating a product roadmap with frequent releases


How we work and collaborate with our clients

We believe that every app or digital product is simply a tool to achieve the goals of a business. We do not start working on a product until we completely understand your business model and how the product will lead to achieving the goals.

Full Transparency

You own the code, you own the IP, you own the servers, and we make sure to clearly document everything so that you have full control of your product.

Clear communication

Clear communication is key to a successful product. We make sure to communicate with you regularly and keep you updated on the progress of your product.

Our values

The principles that guide us


We have a passion for creating products that make a difference, be it through great user experience and attention to detail or through an overaching good cause.

Quality over speed

We prioritize quality over speed in development for long term success after testing products for market-fit. Good products take time. While UX research, testing, documentation, etc. slow down the development process in the short term, they are essential for overall success of an app in a long run.

Transparency & communication

Transparency and communication are the key to the satisfaction of our partners. We do our best to keep you involved in development process and are always excited to share the details on how it is going. We ensure you always know what's going on.

The team

We Are Developers, Consultants and Designers

Our team consists of people with backgrounds in different industries, who have worked for large multinational corporations, mid-sized companies and launched several startups. This experience helps us better understand your business and offer the right solution to the goals you set.

Sergey Filippov
Backend Engineer
Based in Shanghai, Sergey is the founder of FJ Tech, he is a backend engineer and instructor.
Kevin Kurcz-Seitz
Fullstack Developer
Based in Stuttgart, Kevin is a Google certified UX Designer, fullstack web developer and partner at FJ Tech.
Kari Xu
Data Analyst
Based in Stuttgart and Guangzhou, Kari is a data analyst specializing in monetization and conversion.
Kris Minter
Based in Oakland, Kris is a photographer and videographer who specialises in product and commercial shoots.
Daniel Schaefer
Backend Engineer
Based in Florida, Daniel is a backend engineer with passion for Web3 projects.
Marshall Hao
Frontend Developer
Based in Shenzhen, Marshall is a frontend developer with passion for 3d animation.
Alec Strobel
UX Designer
Based in London, Alec is a UX designer with a background in design management and human-centred design.
Ekaterina Gorbacheva
Project Manager
Based in Bangkok, Ekaterina is a project manager and UX designer with strong startup experience.


What they say about us

We measure our success by the success of our customers

The Stats

We love seeing our customers thrive with digital solutions that let them fulfill their potential

Happy clients




Projects for good


"From the first meeting we loved the proactive approach FJ Tech takes, it's been amazing so far!"

Josh F
Founder, School of Music

"The design of our app was absolutley spot on, we couldn't have been more happy with the outcome."

Rocco Mallaret
CEO, ZeroFoodWaste

"Spare Leash has been a great success, it's been fantastic working with such reliable partners"

Erin Leigh
CEO, SpareLeash

"The exequte app has really helped us drive more growth and provide a better customer experience"

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